If your rug requires cleaning or repair, we will explain what can be done and give you a price quote. We will also solve any of your unique problems and make an informal assessment of the rug’s age, source, and value to help you make the most informed choice.

Yes! Customers in the OH area are eligible for pick up and delivery. We provide timely, professional home appointments within 60 minutes. Just contact us for pickup or delivery.

When the rug still looks dirty after vacuuming, it may be time to clean it. Try the following test: Use a damp white cloth to blot out the carpet’s fluff in an inconspicuous place. Let the rag dry and see what is transferred from the rug. If the fabric is soiled, cleaning the rug will benefit you.

This majorly depends on the amount of use the rug gets over a period of time. Rugs in entrances, hallways, kitchens, and dining areas may need to be cleaned every six months. In low-traffic areas, the rugs may only need to be cleaned every three or four years. Light-colored rugs or those made of less stain-resistant fibers (such as art silk or “bamboo” silk) may require more frequent cleaning.

The rug can be washed, but be careful. This is the best way to remove as much dirt as possible. No other cleaning method can make the rug as fresh, soft, and beautiful as wet cleaning.

We can wash almost any kind of area rugs, such as Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Oriental rugs of any description (antique or new), wool, silk, Navajo, Karastan, Gabe, plain weave, crochet, weave, tuft Velvet, Tibetan, modern designer rugs, shag, Flokati. You name it, and we have the ability to clean it. We also clean tapestries and collectible textiles.

We’ve got a safe way to clean damaged rugs without causing further damage. The hand-sewn screen can stabilize unstable areas. The cleaning method is also modified according to the needs of specific rugs. If you have any questions, we will consider them together to determine the appropriate plan.


We don’t clean wall-to-wall carpets. We only focus on high-end rugs, from handmade wool and silk carpets to woven rugs and everything in between.

We make use of non-toxic and environmentally friendly solutions. We use mild detergents and rinse the rug thoroughly to ensure that no detergent is left.

Pet stains are sometimes challenging to take out. Every situation is usually dependent on the animal, as well as the severity and age of the animal. We will work diligently to ensure the removal of the stains, but urine and vomit stains can also discolor the rug. We provide perfect deodorants and disinfectants to be used in the cleaning process, which helps eliminate odors.

One week (up to ten days), though, this depends on how busy we are and the type of rug you’ve got. Some rugs need to be cleaned twice (if we are not satisfied with the first cleaning), or some rugs may require a longer drying time due to dense accumulation.

Watch out for knots falling from the edges and exposed areas on the long sides. Inspect the front and back of carpets for moth damage (small holes in the pile) and larvae (white fuzzy and/or sandy residue). Pay attention to uneven wear caused by traffic and seat conditions.

Obtain estimates of the repair costs and rug value. You can bring the rug to us or ask for indoor repairs. Josh will take a look at your rug and explain in detail what needs to be done, the process of repairing the rug, an estimate (no obligation), and the rug’s value. The decision to proceed is entirely yours, and there is no charge for the evaluation.

Restoration entails the use of materials, colors, and weaving techniques that are very close to the original work, especially for older rugs. Repairs can reduce authenticity, thus undertaking making the rug useable if not wholly original. For most new rugs, only repairs are needed. Investing in quality rugs also entails considering restoration.