Our Process

There are no two handmade rugs which are exactly the same. As a result, our rug experts are fully aware of this and will treat each rug specifically with a cleaning process customized for each one. All the cleaning work is also done manually in our rug cleaning facility.

Our 7-Step Rug Washing Process

It is recommended to clean the rug through the help of a professional every 2-3 years. Thus, our manual washing process gets rid of residues, allergens, dirt, stains, soil and other harmful substances, while bringing a cleaner and healthier life to you and your family.

rug inspection

1. Inspection & Dye Bleed Testing

To begin, we measure your rug, check and test it for dye bleeding. We will then proceed to scan for damaged and weak sections. Next, we will point out these areas, provide repair estimates, and also give you the best course of action, whether it is necessary or worthwhile.

rug dust

2. Rug Dust Removal

The front and the back parts of rugs are usually full of dust. The precipitation of sand and grit will also get deposited on the foundation of the rug and cause premature wear and tear. This would as well shorten the service life of your oriental rug. Your rug would be dusted in order to remove these particles. This is a very important step which we perform in the cleaning process and cannot be performed in your home.

hand washing rug

3. Hand-Washing

In this step, we would soak your rug in plenty of clean cold water and non-toxic rug shampoo. Next, we would  manually wash the rug in the direction of its pile. This would also be done gently in order to ensure that no damage is caused.

rinsing the rug

4. Adequate Rinsing

We will adequately rinse the front and rear part of the rug in order to completely remove any residual rug shampoo, contaminants and dirt. This works adequately to ensure that there are no stain removers left on the rug in the end as well.

drying rugs

5. Water Extraction & Drying

Upon successful washing, we use a vacuum to extract any remaining water from the rug. This prevents any form of dripping. Next, we hang the rug carefully to dry in a temperature-controlled room with filtered air drying conditions.

cuming and brushing the rug

6. Fringe Cleaning

If we determine the rug needs another wash, it will be washed again safely. If the wash is successful, we proceed to the fringe. We pay special attention to the fringe. It is handled delicately – hand washed, rinsed, and dried. We never use bleach – this will break fibers.

rugwashing 7 1

7. Wrap for Pickup or Delivery

This comes as the final stage of our cleaning process. Here, the rug will be effectively wrapped for  maximum protection. Next, our delivery staff will notify you for pick up or arrange for a delivery. Upon delivery, the rug will be placed exactly where you want it. Furthermore, we will move the furniture without any extra costs as well.

Before and After

befor and after