Rugs Repair and Restoration

Our rug repair work is virtually undetectable, even at close inspection.

From the grandest antique carpets to a modest but beloved bedside rug, the Express Rug Cleaning Family has been trusted for generations to repair and restore damaged rugs to their former glory.

Whether it’s pet damage, moth infestation or a plumbing disaster, our highly skilled artisans will create a custom plan to repair your rug or give new life to a favorite older piece. With their expertise and the finest wools of every shade on hand, our team can reweave portions of your rug so well that you can’t locate the repair.

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We’ll discuss the repair methods, repair costs and exactly what to expect as far as added value to your carpet. We will also layout a time table of the repair work to be completed.

Rug Repair Services

  • Rug Fringe Repair
  • Rug Fringe Replacement
  • Rug Fringe Removal
  • Adding New Fringe
  • Rug Binding / Edge Repair
  • Rug Overcasting
  • Rug End Securing
  • Rug Moth Damage Repair
  • Rug Hole Restoration
  • Back Pocket Installation for Hanging
  • Rug Edge Curling Prevention
  • and more…
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    Rug Pad Hardwood Floors