Rug Worth

Rug appraisals provide information about the value, age & origin of your investment.

Appraisals of rugs provide information regarding the value, age, and source of your investment.
From sales to service, our rug appraiser has many years of industry experience and knowledge. It is worthwhile to understand the value of rugs. Get in touch immediately. The rug appraisal document can help all parties to resolve all matters smoothly.


At the most primary level, cost or value depends on market demand. When determining the identity and quality of a rug, on-site inspection is the best way to get comprehensive information, and it can also be done with a set of suitable images and notes.
Furthermore, some indicators of rug quality include:

  1. Weaving technology
  2. Material quality
  3. Dyeing material
  4. Knot-count or KPI
  5. Weaver’s skills
  6. Pile length
  7. Indicators of weaving quality
  8. Motif and Design
  9. Age
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Claims adjusters and other claims specialists interested in learning more about evaluating top-quality rugs can contact ERC founder and industry expert, Josh. We work with lawyers, individuals, insurance companies and adjusters, as well as restoration firms


We have a comprehensive understanding of all types of rugs from the central rug producing countries globally. In the current retail and wholesale markets, we have accurately understood the value, demand, and selling of rugs.